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Welcome to Preventistry

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You may have noticed, we now have a tag line — Welcome to Preventistry. But what does that mean? In short, Preventistry is our revolutionary approach to improving the oral health of all. It’s based on the idea that, in order for people to achieve lasting oral health, we at DentaQuest must provide support focused on a variety of factors that influence health.

Preventistry embraces prevention as a key component in addressing those factors. The most traditional elements of preventive oral health care — fluoride varnish, sealants, wellness programs — are one part of what we mean when we say Preventistry. Importantly, Preventistry also encompasses elements that more broadly impact our oral health, such as government policies, how providers are paid, what care is available, access to healthy foods, and so much more.

So, again, what does that mean? It means we are tackling oral health challenges across different systems, different populations, and even different health sectors like medical-dental integration activities.

To truly be whole-person focused, we are bringing our collective experiences and expertise together for maximum impact. And so, welcome to this new era for DentaQuest with broad and bold approaches to improving the oral health of all.

Interested in learning more about Preventistry? Stay tuned for a series of articles that delve more deeply into our oral health revolution.