11:46 AM

Recognizing One of Our Own

This June 5 and 6, the AIDS Walk in Massachusetts celebrates a milestone--25 years. On the occasion of this silver anniversary, the AIDS Action Committee is recognizing 25 people whose contributions have been critical to the fight against HIV/AIDS in Massachusetts and beyond. DentaQuest’s Ralph Fuccillo, President of our Foundation, is one of them.

Ralph is being honored for bringing the right people together to get things done. You can read the very nice profile of Ralph’s impact here.

In all that he does for DentaQuest and for the organizations to which he lends his name and support, Ralph Fuccillo is a connecter and consensus seeker. He is one of the activists who changed the course of prevention for AIDS.

We are very fortunate to have Ralph working just as hard today to get the right people to lend their support to our mission of improving oral health in communities of need across America.

Guest Blog post by Fay Donohue, DentaQuest CEO