10:50 AM

Questions About Mouth Rinse Products

There has been some buzz this week about the FDA’s warnings about false claims that certain mouth rinse products can reduce plaque, promote gum health, and prevent gum disease. While these mouth rinse products do contain sodium fluoride, an active ingredient that is effective in preventing cavities, it has not been proven to remove plaque or prevent gum disease.

As with losing weight, there are many easy fixes but we all know it’s the basics—regular exercise and proper diet—that really work. The same goes for taking care of your mouth -- total oral health care does not consist of only using mouth rinses that “do it all.”

Total oral care is brushing, flossing and rinsing – IN THAT ORDER.

Most people understand the importance of brushing, but total care is more than brushing alone. Total oral care also includes flossing AND rinsing. Rinses can be water, mouthrinse, fluoride rinse, and even chlorhexidine, if your oral care provider recommends it. Each option is more effective than the previous one -- but only after proper brushing and flossing. And from start to finish, the full routine takes just 3 minutes.

Do your mouth a favor – make total oral health care part of your daily routine.