09:16 AM

Oral Health Advocacy IS Preventistry in Action

We know that we need to change systems, minds, policies, and more, to achieve improved oral health for all. So, it’s important to think about how advocacy plays into Preventistry, our all-in approach to revolutionize oral health.

The term advocacy refers to public support for a particular cause, person, or policy. And there are many types: self-advocate, legal advocate, patient advocate, to name a few. Other types include grassroots and grasstops, meaning the broadest general group of people and the most influential or highly ranked people, respectively.

Advocacy can involve a broad range of activities such as research, public and policymaker education, coalition building, policy analysis, lobbying and more. For public health, effective advocacy not only influences government policies but also shapes the general public’s views. As part of our advocacy strategy, DentaQuest works with thousands of stakeholders around the country to ensure oral health is seen as an important part of overall health and the health care system, and that all people – particularly the most vulnerable – have access to quality oral health services to support lifelong wellbeing.

As we strive to increase awareness of oral health and its importance, our advocacy approach will also target communities across the country, encouraging active engagement in helping to shape the oral health system of the future.

When you think about Preventistry, remember it is more than getting dental care. It is working with others, the way we at DentaQuest do with partner organizations around the country every day, to elevate the importance of oral health with policymakers, providers and communities. Preventistry is about being a champion of oral health so together we can advocate for the systems that will enable improved oral health for all.

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