18:06 PM

My first 60 days as CEO

By Steve Pollock, President and Chief Executive Officer

I have always been committed to the mission of our organization – to improve the oral health of all. Since taking the helm at DentaQuest, I’ve spent the last two months traveling the country and hearing firsthand what our mission means to our employees, community and business partners, and state leaders. I will draw on the themes I heard throughout my time on the road to fully inform DentaQuest’s path forward:

Our employees are our strongest asset. I find myself saying this over and over again. And, during my first two months, I continue to be inspired by the passion DentaQuest employees have for the work they do and the people they serve. My commitment is to continue to fuel the passion of our employees and identify ways to strengthen our connection to the mission and each other.

Partnerships are essential. We cannot be successful without strong community, government and business partnerships. I take pride in the fact that the DentaQuest family of affiliates is thought of as a strong and collaborative partner. Whether it is engaging at the grassroots level in a community, talking to providers about opportunities for telehealth, or collaborating with national health plans on new and innovative approaches to medical-dental integration, partnerships are necessary to improve the oral health of all. Having a strong network of collaborators strengthens the work we do, the clients we serve and the members we support.

Policymakers are looking to industry for innovative solutions. Our leaders in government are looking to industry experts to help inform policy decisions. The healthcare environment is ripe for data-driven, cost-effective solutions that achieve “The Triple Aim” of improved health for the population, better experience of care and lower per capita cost of care. DentaQuest, in collaboration with our partners, can serve a key role in ensuring that government policy supports the goal of improving the oral health of all.

Our organization has an incredible responsibility to the 23 million people we serve across the country yet I am equally aware of the 83 million people in our country who do not have access to oral care.
It is all of these people who drive our collective agenda and our commitment to health equity. They drive the work of the DentaQuest Foundation, and the incredible grassroots and grasstops network it helps foster. Their needs motivate the DentaQuest Institute in developing new approaches to the management – and elimination – of dental disease. They are what drive the DentaQuest Care Group to open dental clinics in chronically-underserved areas in the United States.

As I look to the future, I see great opportunity for DentaQuest to drive positive social impact. Our mission – to improve the oral health of all – remains the centerpiece of our work and we will continue to measure our success against it.