15:24 PM

Mouth Power!

By Dr. Doyle Williams

Did you know that there is a National Museum of Dentistry?

It’s in Baltimore, next to the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, and about a 10 minute walk from Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles and M&T Bank Stadium where the Baltimore Ravens play. If you’re in Baltimore on vacation and looking for something different to do, think about a visit to this Museum.

You’ll see George Washington’s teeth (and find out if they are really made of wood), learn about braces and beautiful teeth, get to play dentist/assistant/hygienist, sing along to old toothpaste commercials, and get hands on time with giant teeth and other fascinating exhibitions that encourage good oral health and celebrate the wonderful world of dentistry. There’s even a 13-foot, life-size model of a male narwhal with a 5-foot-long tusk! This museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, and the nation’s official museum of the dental profession.

If you can’t go in person, check out the Museum online. At MouthPower, the Museum’s interactive online site, children can explore “Mouthie’s Laboratory” a virtual world of entertaining (and educational) oral health activities. This interactive approach is a great way for younger children to learn about the importance of good brushing and flossing habits, good eating habits for healthy teeth, what tobacco does to teeth, and why there are so many different kinds of dental instruments.

The activities in MouthPower program are also good for use in:

• Classrooms
• Dental offices, clinics and screening centers
• Community centers and libraries
• Boy Scout, Girl Scout and Camp Fire troop meetings

Teachers and group leaders can get additional resources by contacting the Museum.

And, the Museum hasn’t forgotten moms, dads, and grandparents. There’s GetMouthPower.org for you! Check out this site -- its filled with tips for keeping a healthy adult smile all through your life!