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Steve Pollock Headshot

Steve Pollock 
President and CEO, DentaQuest

Ask Me About: Reinventing systems, network expansion, social impact, preventive care, health care policy, value-based payment models and the Quadruple Aim  

Steve Pollock believes everyone deserves a fair shot at a healthy life and is on a mission to improve the oral health of all. Under his leadership, DentaQuest developed an approach known as Preventistry® — an all-in strategy to make oral health care more affordable, accessible, innovative, and integrated into the broader health care system. Steve has guided the company through a period of significant and sustained growth. DentaQuest now manages dental and vision benefits for 27+ million Americans in 30 states and direct patient care through a network of more than 80 oral health centers in six states. And its membership and national provider footprint continue to grow. 

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Dr. Jordan

Myechia Minter-Jordan, MD, MBA  
President and CEO, DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement and Catalyst Institute, Inc.

Ask Me About: Medical-dental integration, health equity, person-centered and value-based care, patient and provider safety, and the oral health industry’s response to COVID-19  

Dr. Minter-Jordan oversees the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement and Catalyst Institute, Inc., leading research and grantmaking activities focused on improving oral health and integrating medical and dental care, as well as guiding a growing research and data portfolio. Myechia’s earlier first-hand experience with effective medical-dental integration included her work as Chief Medical Officer and CEO of the Dimock Center, the largest community health center in Massachusetts. Her experiences drive her to rethink health care and reaffirm the need for improved collaboration between medical and dental providers to achieve better patient outcomes, especially for those who lack access to basic dental benefits. 

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Roxanne Martinez

Roxanne Martinez 
Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, DentaQuest 

Ask Me About: Employee engagement and the employee experience, workforce development and talent pipelines, diversity, equity and inclusion, workplace culture and values  

Roxanne Martinez plays a key role in driving business and talent transformations at DentaQuest. As an experienced global HR executive — twice-named to Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Latinas in the United States — Roxanne aims to authentically align organizational culture and values to foster employee engagement and diverse ideas. She is making sure that a culture built on transparency, openness, collaboration and inclusion is infused into everything DentaQuest does — how the company develops leaders, its talent, and how they engage everyone in conversations to improve access, innovation, and affordability of oral health care for all. 

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Sean Boynes, DMD 
Vice President, Health Improvement, DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement 

Ask Me About: Teledentistry, innovations in health care, person-centered care, value-based oral health care and interprofessional practice  

Dr. Boynes serves as Vice President, Health Improvement at the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement, overseeing national programs and initiatives focused on the integration and coordination of person-centered care, developing and implementing value-based oral health strategies and operations, and evaluating and testing care improvement through meaningful oral health measurement. A dentist anesthesiologist and prolific author and speaker, Sean is dedicated to making care better and providing opportunities to empower individuals to expect a system of dependable health. 

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Kirill ZaydenmanJulie Hawley, PhD, CAE 
Director, Analytics and Evaluation, DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement

Ask Me About: Evidence-based strategy, scientific research and any DentaQuest Partnership studies, the impact of public health dentistry, using data for advocacy, and oral health system transformation  

Julie and her team are working to transform data into knowledge that can be used to elevate oral health’s visibility and inform decision makers in policy, care, community, and financing, as well as increase awareness about DentaQuest Partnership impacts. With extensive experience in evidence-based health care research, implementation science, publishing, and advocacy, Julie leads the team with an eye on peer-review standards, collaboration and industry relevance. She also reaches a broad network thanks to her earlier leadership roles with the American Association of Public Health Dentistry, American Dental Association, American Association of Dental Research Ethics Committee and Council on Government Affairs, and Friends of NIDCR.  

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Kirill ZaydenmanKirill ZaydenmanVice President, Innovation, DentaQuest 

Ask Me About: Teledentistry, consumer-directed oral health, impact investing, innovations and technology in health care, data and predictive analytics, and the future of oral health  

Kirill Zaydenman leads DentaQuest’s innovation work centered on growth, transformation, cost optimization and culture change. He focuses on strategic partnerships with startups and tech innovators, product research and development, and impact investing to redefine care and prevention, make care more connected and equitable, and reimagine the consumer experience. Under Kirill’s leadership, that growth is driven by innovative, data-intensive approaches to elevate the patient experience, improve community care, advance medical-dental integration and reimagine business models for consumer-directed health. 

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