09:02 AM

Innovation: The Cornerstone of Preventistry

Today’s consumers expect outcomes, not just bold ideas – even for oral health. Real innovation addresses people’s needs and focuses on people’s satisfaction by anticipating those needs well before the demand rises or a competitor delivers for them.

Innovation discovery relies on:

  • intuitive methods plus the collection of empirical data;
  • building teams with the appropriate skills to “read the future needs” of customers; and
  • a balance between customer engagement, social and cultural understanding, technical capability and business acumen.

Preventistry is our all-in strategy to make oral health more affordable, easier to access, driven by innovation and better integrated with the broader health care system. It extends beyond traditional care settings and procedures to include innovative new solutions that will revolutionize oral health for everyone by redefining prevention and care. Teledentistry

DentaQuest has already begun to pilot some of these approaches, including teledentistry research to offer care beyond the dental chair, new-to-market pre-cavity treatment and prevention products, and community education tools to raise awareness about the importance of and resources for good oral and overall health.

We are building new capabilities and business models that will drive both business performance and social impact. The innovation efforts at DentaQuest are organized around defining tomorrow’s new businesses and continuing to deliver new value to today’s clients in core benefits and care businesses. We accomplish this through internal research and development, business development, impact investing and, in the future, mergers and acquisitions.

Specifically, we are driving meaningful change and identifying new growth opportunities that include focused grant making and clinical programs to advance value-based care, developing a strong and independent Oral Health Progress and Equity Network, and investing in future-focused innovation.

A group of forward-thinking DentaQuest leaders has defined a “future oral health ecosystem” from which we are working backwards to set priorities. We know innovation is key to making Preventistry a reality for all and shifting the paradigm of oral health, and we are excited to lead the way.