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Improving Oral Health – Day by Day, Month by Month, Year by Year

As a U.S. leader in oral health, DentaQuest is driven by a mission to improve the oral health of all.

During our third annual Mission Month, teams from DentaQuest offices across the country had the opportunity to give back in the communities where we live and work. From processing food for meals at a food bank to volunteering at a free dental clinic, we were honored to support local organizations that are making a difference in their communities. We left impressed with what you accomplish every day and humbled by the stories we heard from so many of you.

From Maryland to California, DentaQuest employees blanketed the country in goodwill:

In Maryland and Virginia, we painted the lobby at Mary’s Place, a community health center.
In Florida, we cleaned parks and community common spaces in Miami Dade.
In Texas, we sorted food for over 15,636 meals at the Capital Area Food Bank.
In Wisconsin, we worked with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Milwaukee.
In South Carolina, our team served food and gave out health kits in the Ronald McDonald Room at Palmetto Memorial Hospital.
In Colorado, we applied our dental skills at the Mission of Mercy free care dental clinic in Henderson.
In Massachusetts, we helped a city school create an outdoor auditorium space able to accommodate all its students.
In Tennessee, we supported the Nashville AIDS walk.
In California, we assembled thousands of health kits for community members.

Everywhere we went, we spoke to children, adults and families about the importance of preventive dental health care. Dental Disease is the most common chronic disease among children, and it is nearly 100 percent preventable. Every year, dental problems are the reason for more than 51 million hours of school absences. Children suffering from mouth pain are not able do their best in school. And it is not just children. Adults lose close to 164 million work hours because of dental problems.

Those of us who work at DentaQuest are working to help achieve a nation free of dental disease: where no child suffers from the pain of tooth decay, where adults keep all their teeth for their entire lives, and where every person has access to quality dental care.

We are proud of the work we did this past month to improve lives. Our work does not stop after one month. Improving the oral health of all is what we do all year long!