12:38 PM

Going Dental

By chance, I watched the program Jeopardy on television recently, and perked up when I saw the category Going Absolutely Dental. Here’s one of the ‘answers’

“Gnaw away with these, any of the four anterior teeth in the jaw…”

The question: What are incisors?

If you saw that show and played along at home, the correct question would have earned you $1,000!

How would you have responded to this one? “It ain’t cheap fiction; it’s the inner substance of the tooth containing veins, arteries & nerves.”

Or how about, “AKA gingiva, they are the firm tissues enveloping the necks of the teeth; betcha didn't know teeth had necks, did ya?”

It made me smile that the college contestants in the studio responded correctly.

A simple game of Jeopardy, proving that you never know when knowing about your mouth will come in handy.