16:07 PM

Friday Dental Download: May 30

This week, we learn from our own DentaQuest Institute how a fee schedule can improve a safety net dental program, hear how researchers are creating a new tool for diagnosing gum disease, and check out a new laser that can help repair teeth. Join the conversation on Twitter using #FridayDentalDL.

Mark Doherty, DMD, is the Director of Safety Net Solutions at DentaQuest Institute. This week, Dr. Doherty offers DentistryIQ readers an inside look at how using a fee schedule can benefit a safety net dental program, and suggests resources that can help determine an appropriate system for any practice. Curious as to what a safety net dental program is? Check out Dr. Doherty’s recent article, How to create and manage a successful safety net dental program,” or visit DentaQuestInstitute.org.

Researchers at Columbia University are working to create a tool to more easily identify whether a patient’s gum disease is chronic or aggressive, so that dentists can more effectively prescribe a treatment. Currently, the two forms of gum disease have many overlapping symptoms, so researchers want this tool to use the genes and biological makeup of the mouth to provide a more exact diagnosis.

Harvard University scientists created a laser that can activate stem cells to help heal and repair teeth. At DentaQuest, we believe in helping our patients heal damaged teeth, so a tool that could improve the process of repairing teeth might be a huge breakthrough in the industry.

We know that good oral health is imperative to overall health, and this article offers tips on maintaining a set of pearly whites that will help maintain overall wellness. For more tips, check out our Oral Health Library.