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Friday Dental Download: March 21, 2014

This week, we learn about World Oral Health Day, discuss why you may be getting tested for diabetes in your dentist’s office and find out which celebrity practiced good oral health. Join the conversation on Twitter using #FridayDentalDL.

1. President of Chattanooga Area Dental Society Urges Local Support of World Oral Health Day
Yesterday was World Oral Health Day, and dental professionals worldwide used the day as an opportunity to remind people to make good oral health habits a part of their daily routine. According to the World Dental Federation, 90 percent of people worldwide will suffer from dental disease, which is almost completely preventable, in their lifetime. Check your dental disease risk with our easy-to-use tool, and get tips from our dental experts on how to prevent future oral health problems here.

2. What’s the Deal With Oil Pulling?
Oil pulling, the act of swishing oil in the mouth, was the most buzzed-about dental topic this week. The practice comes from an ancient Indian text, Aruyveda, and claims to have many health benefits, including improving oral health and preventing dental diseases such as gingivitis and dental caries. Sesame, sunflower or coconut oil is typically used for oil pulling, but most dentists agree that not enough research has been conducted to prove or disprove these benefits.

3. Making diabetes screening more available at the dentist’s office
According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25.8 million people have diabetes. Of these, 7 million have undiagnosed disease, which is why health care providers are working to make diabetes testing available in a variety of health care settings, including dental offices. Many people are unaware that that teeth and gums can show key warning signs of the disease. Talk to your dentist to find out what might be putting you at risk and go to Diabetes.orgfor more information.

4. Chew on This: 8 Foods for Healthy Teeth
This slideshow offers ideas on what foods are beneficial to your oral health. For example, foods containing calcium, such as cheese and almonds, and foods high in phosphorous, such as meat, eggs and fish, can help keep tooth enamel strong and healthy. If you must snack on sweets, check out these tips on the best and worst candy for your teeth.

5. Rihanna’s Trip To The Dentist Is A Reminder that Good Oral Heal this Important for Celebrities, Too
MTV.com posted a photo this week of pop-star Rihanna leaving her dentist’s office, reminding us that even celebrities should practice good oral health habits. The article also states that “9 out of 10 dentists agree that brushing while listening to Rih makes you cavity-free,” and we agree, as long as that song is two minutes long “2min2x”!