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Friday Dental Download: July 18, 2014

This week, we learn about financial pressures in dental offices, discuss what dental services consumers search for, and discover why endurance training can cause dental problems. Join the conversation on Twitter using #FridayDentalDL.

1. When financial pressures affect a dentist’s diagnosis: Dental care is shifting from a focus on providing patients with services to preventing and reducing the occurrence of dental disease altogether. In an opinion editorial in the Washington Post, one dentist speaks out about the pressures that can result from finding the balance in running a practice and providing the appropriate level of care. The editorial speaks to the concerns within the dental community about the transition from volume-based care to value-based care. In the medical world, this transition began long ago and the ACA is only speeding things up. The dental profession is just beginning this transition. National leaders from dentistry, medicine, academia, business, government, and philanthropy are working on this issue and through the National Oral Health Quality Improvement Committee are developing a road map for the systems that impact oral health. The focus is on improving the oral health of all using the tools of quality and accountability. Learn more here.

2. Ever wonder what dental services consumers search for? FAIR Health offers an analysis: FAIR Health, a data company that serves the healthcare system through data tools and education, compiled information on what dental services consumers search online for most. The company’s goal is to help healthcare professionals guide their marketing and promotion efforts. The report’s findings will help the healthcare industry understand how patients use the healthcare system and how they spend their healthcare dollars.

3. Study: Effect of Endurance Training on Dental Erosions, Caries, and Saliva: Running can be great for the mind and body but a new study is linking an increase in cavities and tooth decay to runners and athletes who train for long periods of time, multiple days a week. Spending that much time and energy requires an increase in carbohydrates and sugary food intake, both of which lead to decay and weaken our defenses against bad bacteria in our saliva. Are you an endurance runner? Check your risk for dental disease here.
It’s true, even celebrities have dental issues. On Wednesday, singer Michael Bublé cracked his dental crown trying to open a ketchup packet. Luckily, Bublé’s manager found dentist David Bloom on Google. Bloom squeezed the singer into his schedule and was rewarded with front row seats to his concert.