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For the Third Year, DentaQuest Commits to Improving Oral Health Through Community Service

This month DentaQuest partners with non-profits across the country as part of its annual Mission Month initiative

This week, DentaQuest, the third largest U.S. dental benefit management company, kicked off its third annual Mission Month. Over the next 30 days, employees are leaving their desks, phones and computers to volunteer in neighboring communities across the country.
In 2012, DentaQuest CEO Fay Donohue declared September 25, 2012 a day of service for over 1,000 DentaQuest employees as an opportunity for all to recommit to the enterprise mission to improve the oral health of all. In 2013, DentaQuest established a new tradition of Mission Month, scheduling multiple community volunteer projects over the course of a 30-day period and in 2014, DentaQuest has committed to continuing, and growing, that tradition.
“To improve the oral health of all, that is the mission of DentaQuest. It’s our passion and our reason for being. We are focused on improving oral health every day, and because of this intense focus, we have become the leading voice on oral health. Today, we are honored to serve more than 20 million members in 30 states. We really are making a difference in the lives of people” said DentaQuest CEO, Fay Donohue.
Over the past three years DentaQuest has committed $1.75 million and over 4,074 hours to communities across the country as part of its annual Mission Month. DentaQuest has also donated over $330,034 to communities in Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin through its Corporate Citizenship Initiative.
This month, DentaQuest employees will volunteer in eight states across the country:

  • Maryland and Virginia: Employees are painting the lobby at Mary’s Place, a community health center.
  • Florida: Employees are cleaning up parks and community common spaces in Miami Dade.
  • Texas: Employees are sorting food at the Capital Area Food Bank.
  • Wisconsin: Employees are working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Milwaukee.
  • Colorado: Employees are lending a hand at the Mission of Mercy free care dental clinic in Henderson.
  • Tennessee: Employees are helping to prepare for an AIDS walk.
  • California: Employees are assembling health kits. 

Dental disease, which is the most common chronic childhood disease and a major cause of tooth loss in adults, is nearly 100 percent preventable when people have access to quality care, prevention, and knowledge about oral health. DentaQuest is working with partners across the country to help people understand how to maintain good oral health for their lives.

About the DentaQuest Institute

The DentaQuest Institute is a not-for-profit organization focused on improving efficiency, effectiveness and quality in dental care. Through its work to align clinical practice with science-based research, the DentaQuest Institute is helping oral health professionals find new ways to partner with patients to prevent and manage oral diseases. This work ensures patients get the right care, at the right time, with the right outcome. The DentaQuest Institute is an affiliate of DentaQuest, a leading U.S. oral health enterprise.