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Expanding Oral Health: Teledentistry

New White Paper Explores Current and Potential Future State of Telehealth in Dentistry

Expanding oral health access via telecommunication is essential to overall public health and wellness, and teledentistry is a critical piece of this industry transformation.

Our current health care system fails to address barriers faced by millions of Americans in obtaining preventive oral health care and treatment. Teledentistry tools help empower dental teams to go into the community and deliver the care needed.

Most people aren’t getting the preventive oral health care and treatment they need to live healthy lives. Those that do have access to oral health services tend to be the wealthiest and healthiest populations. But those with the highest levels of oral disease – low-income Americans, communities of color, people with complex overall health conditions, and those living in rural areas – continue to face obstacles.

At the same time, the practice of dentistry is changing. The composition of dental practices is shifting, public funding for dental care is increasing, the integration of oral health and physical health is becoming more common practice, and scientific advancements in prevention and behavior support are creating a sea change in the way patients and their dentists think about oral health.

Changes like these have given rise to a fundamental rethinking of how care can be delivered and received. This new report illustrates the potential for the use of telehealth connected teams — combined with new preventive and behavior support science, delivery systems, payment incentives, and policy environments — to achieve true “oral health for all.”

Read more about how teledentistry can expand the reach of today’s oral health care system, improve outcomes, and lower costs at https://www.dentaquestpartnership.org/teledentistrywhitepaper

You can also learn more about the challenges and successes of several teledentistry models in California, Colorado and Oregon by viewing this recorded webinar Teledentistry: Closing Gaps in Oral Health

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