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Executive Spotlight: Roxanne Martinez — “The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received”

“My advice is this: embrace challenges. Be open to learning. Be open to possibility. Accept the unfamiliar as an opportunity to grow. I promise you, you will not regret it. I certainly don’t.”

Roxanne Martinez, executive vice president and chief human resources officer at DentaQuest, recently shared this perspective with Profiles in Diversity Journal®, where she was named a 2022 Woman Worth Watching, alongside Kamila Chytil, executive vice president and COO at DentaQuest.roxanne-martinez.jpg

Roxanne was recognized for her work as a driving force behind DentaQuest’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. At her direction, DentaQuest completed its first DEI strategy plan in 2020 and immediately produced measurable results. We’re proud to share that under Roxanne’s leadership, DentaQuest scored a 95/100 on the company’s first submission to the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (CEI). The company’s Glassdoor has also increased from an average of 3.53 in January 2021 to 4.18 in June 2021 — a reflection of Roxanne’s work and how DentaQuest employees value DEI.

Roxanne’s dedication to inclusivity has been essential at DentaQuest and we all benefit from the passion and perspective she brings to her work and life.

We are thrilled to take this opportunity to share an excerpt from Roxanne’s piece in Profiles in Diversity Journal, in which she writes about the best advice she’s ever received and how she brings these values to life every day:

​​Life can come at you from all sides and knock you off your feet. The past two years have proven that everyone faces trials and tribulations, whether they’re professional or personal. When I reflect on this, I am reminded of the best advice I’ve ever received — that with every challenge comes an opportunity. In times of uncertainty, how you confront challenges can either define you or become a barrier to your own personal growth and development. 

This advice has guided and grounded me throughout my career, reminding me to embrace every mistake and evaluate what changes I need to make to move forward. When I began my career after attending law school, I didn’t follow the expected path of practicing law. Instead, I decided to try my hand at a consulting firm, where I encountered a human resources client. My experience working with this client is what propelled me onto the path that led me to my current role. If I didn’t ask myself “why not?” or meet the challenge of entering a new industry head on, I wouldn’t be doing the rewarding work I’m doing today. 

My path serves as an example to the individuals I mentor — whether as manager or a children’s soccer coach on the weekends — it is my responsibility and my passion to help them achieve their goals to the best of their capabilities. As Chief Human Resources Officer at DentaQuest, I not only impart this advice to my direct reports but incorporate this mantra into the company values: encourage peers to try new things and say yes to opportunities, proactively ask leaders for feedback and reflection outside of performance reviews, and remember to step out of our comfort zones.