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DentaQuest Joins Kentucky Dental Association to Support SmileKentucky!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- DentaQuest, a national leader in oral health, is joining the Kentucky Dental Association to support SmileKentucky!, the popular and successful oral health education program for Kentucky children.

SmileKentucky! provides dental education and free dental care to children at elementary schools and community programs in Louisville and surrounding counties. The Kentucky Dental Association has endorsed the program as a statewide education initiative and a model for community engagement. SmileKentucky! reaches 5,000 children each year by equipping schools, dental offices, community centers with educational materials to teach children about nutrition and oral hygiene.

“Working with SmileKentucky! is an exciting opportunity for DentaQuest to join with an impressive number of Kentucky community agencies and groups who are providing time, materials and funding to get oral health resources to children across the state,” said Steve Pollock, president and chief executive officer of DentaQuest. “DentaQuest’s sponsorship will help fund outreach to dentists and hygienists, get SmileKentucky! Educational Kits to more schools and community programs, fund a new video on brushing and flossing at home, and help get Tapper’s Lunch Box Story Time into area public libraries. That means at least another 5,000 children will have better opportunities for good oral health.”

As part of DentaQuest’s partnership with SmileKentucky! and commitment to this endeavor, employees are volunteering during the company’s Mission Month to offer free dental screenings on Thursday, Oct. 15, at the Water Tower in Louisville. The event focused on water education will teach children about fluoridated tap water and its oral health benefits, among other water uses. Dentists and hygienists, including DentaQuest Executive Director Kentucky Ada Carlile, RDH, will be doing oral screenings for child attendees in the Colgate Dental Van.

Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease—and yet it is almost completely preventable. A healthy mouth is the gateway to a person’s overall health and wellness; without access to dental care and education, preventable oral diseases like cavities and gum disease can have serious health and economic impacts. 

Smile Kentucky! data indicates roughly 30 percent of the children screened through the program have obvious dental decay. According to the Kentucky Department for Public Health, Kentucky has the third highest tooth loss rate in the nation among older adults, and Kentuckians of all ages are facing vast oral health problems. This data highlights the need for education and treatment at an early age. 

About DentaQuest

DentaQuest (www.dentaquest.com) is the second largest oral health company in the United States and the largest in the Medicaid space. Along with its charitable DentaQuest Foundation and its educational DentaQuest Institute, its mission is to improve the oral health of all. Follow DentaQuest on Twitter @dentaquest and Facebook, and subscribe to our blog, Oral Health Matters . The sponsorship of SmileKentucky! is through the DentaQuest Citizenship Initiative.

About SmileKentucky!

SmileKentucky!( www.smilekentucky.com) tackles dental decay, the most common disease affecting U.S. children. Smile Kentucky! is a unique community partnership that provides dental education and free dental care to children at elementary schools in Louisville Metro and surrounding counties. Follow SmileKentucky! on Facebook.

About the Kentucky Dental Association

The KDA is the voice of organized dentistry and works with its members to advance oral health in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Follow Kentucky Dental Association on Facebook.

About the DentaQuest Institute

DentaQuest, a leading U.S. oral health enterprise, is a family of affiliates which includes a dental benefits administrator, a national philanthropy focused on oral health, an oral health quality improvement research institute and a care delivery organization. We all share a common mission of improving the oral health of all. DentaQuest Care Group is dedicated to developing, managing and improving systems for the delivery of quality health communities.