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DentaQuest Bolsters Oral Health Literacy, Family Engagement for Colorado Kids

Mayor’s Book Club to distribute oral health children’s books in English, Spanish

The Mayor’s Book Club in Longmont, Colo., is airing an oral health-focused event in October with support from DentaQuest, which manages Colorado’s Medicaid dental program. As part of the event, DentaQuest Outreach and Education Rep. Betsy Holman will read the Spanish version of Peppa Pig: The Tooth Fairy and Longmont Mayor Dennis Coombs will read the English version in front of a small live Longmont Channel 8 studio audience.
All of the Mayor Book Club families and the nearby preschools and childcare centers received invitations to participate in the audience. The recording will air on Longmont Channel 8 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and the weekend at 8 a.m., and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. throughout the month of October. The community will be able to access this episode on longmontchannel.com and the episode will be shareable via social media, email and other outlets.
DentaQuest support also includes a $1,400 donation to provide an oral health-focused book, like one from the Peppa Pig series, to roughly 550 children ages 3 and 4 who are signed up for the Mayor’s Book Club within the City of Longmont.
“We want to make sure these young families know that DentaQuest is invested in their children's future and health,” said Nancy Greene, DentaQuest’s Outreach and Education lead. “We recognize that literacy is a key component in overall well-being and capacity building, so supporting Mayor Coombs in this initiative was a natural fit.”

In addition to the participating children, DentaQuest aims to cultivate improved health literacy among parents.  Together with the book, parents will get quick and easy oral health information including a reminder to make dental appointments for their children, contact phone numbers for the Colorado Medicaid dental program, and toddler oral health educational tips.

Launched in 2007, the Mayor's Book Club is an initiative of the Bright Eyes Coalition and gives a free book via mail each month to every 3 and 4 year-old who is signed up, until they turn 5. Eighty percent of participating families earn less than $25k per year and 40-55 percent of these families report increasing the amount of reading time each week since participating in the program.

“We’re pretty excited about this and think it is a wonderful way to encourage oral health education and share information about Colorado’s Medicaid dental benefit,” Holman said.
If you are a Health First Colorado Member and need help finding a dental care provider, or have questions about your dental benefits, call DentaQuest at 855-225-1729.
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