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DentaQuest Announces Chair of Pediatric Oral Health and Dentistry at Boston Children's Hospital

Endowment will advance research and education to improve the oral health of children

BOSTON – DentaQuest – the second largest oral health company in the United States and largest in the Medicaid space – announced today its endowment of the Chair of Pediatric Oral Health and Dentistry at Boston Children’s Hospital. With this commitment, DentaQuest builds on its existing partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital to develop innovative, evidence-based approaches to eradicate dental disease in children.
Its inaugural recipient, Dr. Man Wai Ng, D.D.S., M.P.H., is a leader in pediatric dentistry, having dedicated her career to understanding the causes of dental disease and creating new care models that prioritize education and prevention, particularly for underserved children and their families.
“This endowment and our ongoing collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital are helping advance best practices in preventive care and pave the way to a future without childhood dental disease,” said Steve Pollock, President and CEO of DentaQuest. “We look forward to continue working with Dr. Ng and Boston Children’s Hospital to advance oral health in our local community and across the country.”
Dr. Ng is the Dentist-in-Chief at Boston Children’s Hospital Department of Dentistry and an associate professor of developmental biology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Under her leadership, the Department of Dentistry is advancing one of the first oral health quality improvement initiatives for children nationwide. Dr. Ng’s approach to delivery system transformation is strongly aligned with DentaQuest’s mission to improve the oral health of all.  
“We are excited to continue our partnership with DentaQuest and its positive impact on the future of oral health for children,” said Sandra Fenwick, President and CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital. “With these resources, Dr. Ng will further pioneer the Early Childhood Caries Disease Management model of care, an innovative approach to treating dental disease, and will educate children, parents and the community about the importance of oral health.”
To learn more about Boston Children’s Hospital, visit: http://www.childrenshospital.org/


About the DentaQuest Institute

DentaQuest, a leading U.S. oral health enterprise, is a family of affiliates which includes a dental benefits administrator, a national philanthropy focused on oral health, an oral health quality improvement research institute and a care delivery organization. We all share a common mission of improving the oral health of all. DentaQuest Care Group is dedicated to developing, managing and improving systems for the delivery of quality health communities.