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DentaQuest Adds Senior Leader in New York/New Jersey

Lisa A. Janis to enhance client, provider experience

White Plains, N.Y. – DentaQuest recently announced an additional senior leadership role dedicated to growing the company’s presence within New York and New Jersey. The addition of Vice President for Client and Provider Engagement New York/New Jersey Region Lisa A. Janis, as well as new office space in White Plains, demonstrates a strong commitment to the region from the enterprise, which is one of the largest oral health companies in the United States and the largest in the Medicaid space.
Janis brings more than 20 years of health care industry experience from within New York State to the New York/New Jersey Client and Provider Engagement Team. She completed her Master of Business Administration, Health Care Administration at Union College in Schenectady. Most recently, she served as a senior leader at the Bronx-based Affinity Health Plan, where her efforts focused on improving network access and developing effective relationships with providers and vendors.
In this role, Janis will work directly with clients and providers, improving understanding of DentaQuest benefit programs, policies, procedures, and opportunities to partner on innovative models to advance oral health such as medical-dental integration efforts. “I am excited to use my plan experience to make a difference in the issues of most importance to clients and providers,” Janis said. “Coming from a dentist father and dentist grandfather, I feel like I am also fulfilling a family legacy by joining this oral health community.”
Janis will work with existing members of the regional team both in the field and with support from DentaQuest’s corporate offices in Wisconsin. “We hope the combination of increased local presence and corporate and national oversight continues to improve the service we provide, expand access to care, and ultimately advance oral health for everyone,” said Tom Mattingly, regional vice president for this region. He added, “Lisa is a great addition to the team and I look forward to working with her throughout New York and New Jersey.” 
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