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DentaQuest Acquires Access Dental Plan in Oregon

Expanding access to prevention-focused, person-centered oral health

Boston, Mass. – DentaQuest today announced its acquisition of the Oregon-based dental care organization (DCO) known as Access Dental Plan. Dental Service, LLC and its wholly-owned subsidiary Access Dental Plan (collectively “Access Dental”) manage 10 dental clinics serving more than 53,000 Oregon Health Plan enrollees and 15,000 private-pay patients in the Portland and Tri-County areas.
Access Dental joins Advantage Dental, the largest DCO in Oregon and a member of the DentaQuest family since 2015, as champions for prevention-focused, person-centered oral health.
“When we partnered with Advantage Dental two years ago, we knew it was the beginning of an exciting journey that would change the way we think about oral health care,” said Steve Pollock, president and CEO of DentaQuest. “Today, we’ve taken the next step in that journey to continue bringing prevention-focused oral health into new communities.”
In addition to the 10 dental clinics, Access Dental also manages a nationally-accredited ambulatory surgery center where high-need Oregon Health Plan patients receive quality care at significantly lower costs than in a hospital. This type of strategic solution underscores Access Dental’s commitment to the Triple Aim of increased access, better experience and lower costs.
The organization’s leadership also was integral to the creation of Dental 3 – a nonprofit organization that assists Portland-area DCOs in their coordination with community partners to best serve Oregon Health Plan enrollees.
“This partnership is particularly exciting because of the opportunities it presents to lead the industry forward with accountable, prevention-focused approaches to oral health improvement,” Access Dental’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Kevin Boie said. “DentaQuest’s drive to advance oral health nationally, Advantage’s success in some of the most rural parts of our state, and our own commitment to population health improvement in Portland will prove to be a transformative combination.”
Access Dental will continue to operate independently under Boie’s leadership. Boie has been with Access Dental since 2001 and most recently served as chief financial officer.
About DentaQuest
Based in Boston, Mass., DentaQuest (www.dentaquest.com) is the second largest oral health company in the United States and the largest in the Medicaid space. Along with its charitable DentaQuest Foundation and its educational DentaQuest Institute, its mission is to improve the oral health of all. Follow DentaQuest on Twitter @dentaquest and Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DentaQuest, and subscribe to our blog, Oral Health Matters at: http://oralhealthmatters.blogspot.com/.
About Advantage Dental
Advantage Dental, based in Redmond, Ore., was established in 1994 to provide dental leadership, service and access to care in Oregon communities in a sustainable, entrepreneurial and professional manner. For more information about Advantage Dental, visit www.advantagedental.com.
About Access Dental
Access Dental Plan, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dental Service, LLC (collectively “Access Dental”). Based in Oregon, Access Dental manages 10 dental clinics and a nationally-accredited ambulatory surgery center serving patients in the Portland and Tri-County areas. For more information, visit www.accessdentalplan.net.