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Children’s Dental Health Month is Every Month

Children’s Dental Health Month is Every Month

There is increasing agreement and understanding that oral health is directly related to overall health. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM), which brings awareness to the importance of developing good oral health habits at an early age to support a lifetime of overall health. But of course, February just marks a month to ramp up awareness efforts. This type of routine care and education should be happening year-round.

How to Advance Children’s Oral Health

It’s our goal to support parents in their children’s oral health journey by not only providing treatments, but by educating and providing the knowledge for oral health success beyond the dental chair.

“DentaQuest’s care practices have a policy of patient-centered care, and what this means is each patient is an individual and each treatment plan should be individualized for that patient. This involves having conversations with the parents and patients to determine the best treatment options,” Dental Clinical Director Dr. Cory White says. “I truly hope to impact the life of every child that I see.”

Parents should be proactive with dental care and prevention for both themselves and their children. Children learn by watching, so make sure to provide an example of what good oral health care means.

Establishing a regular care routine at home, getting regular dental visits, and understanding what habits like thumb-sucking and bottle usage can do to a child’s teeth are foundational practices for a lifetime of good oral health.

Here are a few best practices to keep you going beyond the end of this month:

  • The ADA recommends children have their first dental exam after the first tooth breaks through the gums or at one year of age – whichever comes first.
  • Cavities are contagious – kissing babies on the mouth, sharing utensils, or cleaning their pacifiers with your own mouth may pass bacteria directly to your child. Bacteria that cause cavities are not something we are born with – you may be passing it directly to your children.
  • Fluoride helps prevent cavities, strengthens enamel and decreases tooth sensitivity. Make sure you get a toothpaste with fluoride for your kids and for yourselves!