10:05 AM

Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month in February

February was National Children’s Dental Health Month so we have taken the time to reflect upon and advocate for the importance of practicing good oral health habits from an early age. We’ve put together a roundup of some of the activity we saw in the dental industry last month to support children’s oral health:

  • The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) released its first ever “State of Little Teeth Report,” which describes the rising number of cavities among today’s children as an epidemic and warns that children who don’t see a dentist for regular preventative care are much more likely to develop dental disease than those who receive regular dental checkups biannually.
  • DentaQuest’s dental director in Florida sat down with Southwest Florida Parent & Child magazine to discuss how exactly to care for your child’s teeth at any age. You can read Dr. Manning’s full article here.
  • The AAPD created a fun, interactive way for parents to educate their children about good oral health habits: The Monster-Free Mouths Movement. The campaign helps parents explain what “monsters,” or dental disease, can do to teeth and gums. For example, “Ginger Bite-us,” also known as Gingivitis or gum disease, can cause gums to swell and bleed if children do not practice good oral hygiene. The website also offers award certificates for getting dental checkups and tip sheets for parents.
  • Students all over the country learned about good oral health habits at events like the Blythe-Bower Elementary School health fair in Cleveland, Tennessee, where the DentaQuest team handed out toothbrushes and two-minute sand timers to encourage kids to brush for two minutes twice a day. The Greenwich Department of Health held a similar event for students at the Greenwich Boys and Girls Club, which they dedicated to “the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth” and educated children about how nutrition effects teeth.
Even though February is almost over, let’s continue the momentum by making it a priority to put our children’s oral health first not just during Children’s Dental Health Month, but throughout the entire year. Schedule a dental check-up and make it a point to practice good oral health habits by encouraging your child to brush two times a day for two minutes.