12:29 PM

A Family Guide to Healthy Smiles

By Dr. Doyle Williams

A comprehensive new guidebook is making it easier for parents to care for their children’s oral health. “Healthy Smiles,” presented by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, is a family guide that covers all the basics- from infant oral health to proper diets for a healthy mouth.

The guide features a smiling Kristi Yamaguchi (whose father Jim is a dentist), includes a DVD and provides an overview for parents of important preventive measures to take in their child’s everyday life. It outlines four steps in a healthy dental routine: brushing twice daily, flossing every day, following a healthy diet and visiting a dentist every six months.

Some of the facts and advice in the guide are no-brainers, like the importance of brushing regularly. But some of the information may come as a surprise. For example, a good prenatal diet is crucial to building strong teeth in infants and babies. Also included are fun and helpful tips to help children learn good oral health and techniques for proper hygiene. Parents can sing and tell jokes while their children brush their teeth (for a full two minutes!) or kids can use a fun toothbrush to make teeth brushing more exciting.

The guide is fun and the clear steps included in the book and DVD help make great oral health easy for all. You can find the guide here.