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Study Shows Nurse Practitioners to Be Vital Allies in Oral Health Care

“A significant contribution has been made by initiatives such as the Nursing Education and Practice Program (OHNEP) to improving population health by the nursing profession and primary care nurse practitioners as they integrate oral health as an essential component of overall health in clinical education and practice settings,” said co-author Judith Haber, PhD, APRN, BC, FAAN, Ursula Springer Leadership Professor in Nursing at the NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing and Executive Director of the OHNEP Program funded by the DentaQuest and Arcora Foundations.

Uphill Battle: How Some Foundations Are Tackling America’s Dental Health Crisis

DentaQuest Foundation investments have helped build a large, interconnected network of national, state, and community-based change agents dedicated to oral health for all. Today, the network is working to “transform the national dialogue and re-shaping the landscape of action with regard to oral health.”

Dental Program at Health Care District's C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics Names Safety Net Solutions Center of Excellence

The DentaQuest Institute has recognized the C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics’ dental program as one of its three 2018 Safety Net Solutions Centers of Excellence. The Brumback Clinics, operated by the Health Care District of Palm Beach County, provide medical, dental and behavioral health services to adults and children with or without insurance with the goal of helping patients establish a medical home.